Beosin Has Completed Security Audit Service of TribeOne

Project Overview

Audit work duration: April 12, 2022 — April 19, 2022

Audit methods: Formal Verification, Static Analysis, Typical Case Testing and Manual Review.

Audit team: Beosin Technology Co. Ltd.

About TribeOne

TribeOne is an NFT lending platform deployed on Ethereum. The project has two main contracts. The first contract is the tribeone main contract, which is mainly responsible for lending to purchase NFT. The second contract is the landworksadapter contract, which is mainly responsible for pledging the NFTs that have not yet completed their loans to landworks for leasing and making profits for the lender. The tribeone main contract can support ERC721 and ERC1155 token lending, but the landworksadapter contract only supports ERC721 leasing.

Audit Results

After auditing, 1 Medium-risk and 1 Info items were identified in the TribeOne project. No critical-risk or high-risk issues were found during the auditing process. The final audit results are available in the audit report. Enter 202204191359 to view the report at

Audit Workflow

Beosin has focused on the core security issues such as contract lending approvals, lending clearances, security of collateralized lending assets and centralization risks during the audit process. The auditing workflow is mainly as follows:

l. Conduct preliminary source code review;

2. Use Beosin’s self-developed automatic smart contract formal verification platform — VaaS to conduct an in-depth detection of the contract codes in all aspects;

3. Practical deployment and validation via sandbox simulation;

4. Manual line-by-line code review by security experts;

5. Complete the final audit report.

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