Hillary Clinton and Electoral Fraud
Spencer Gundert

Good article, but old news. All of this is true and has been going on for years from both the Democrats and republicans. That is one of the many reasons why there is only a two party system; easier to pay off, cheat and thus control. In your final statement you say “Our democracy lives on transparency, fairness, and justice, and when our elections are blatantly corrupted and fraudulent, that democracy dies.” That is where you are stuck!

The truth is that if both Parties are gaming the system and controlling it for the corporate oligarchy, who also own the news media, there can never be any real investigations into anything that threatens their control. At this moment, we have absolutely no real news being decimenated to the American public. What was once a Public alternative news and programing source, PBS, recently was found to have one of the Koch brothers on two of their stations B of D! Plus, independent studies as far back as 10–15 years show that PBS has 60–70 percent of comentators that are on the conservative right. Plus the people running PBS and doing the network presentations, while they are good people, are far too old and in the system to truly raise the necessary questions and point fingers.

All of this points to one thing, the only way to create the system you desire, is to try to elect people that are as aware of these issues as we are and will speak publically about this corporate takeover. Of course that means that Sanders is that person. However, because of the press not giving him any exposure and Hillary being a woman and the Clintons in bed with the Bush, Saudi, international syndicates,et al, Sanders is being marginalized. Even Trump early on grabbed some of Sanders’ ideas for PR purposes.

I think that the only thing left, if Sanders does not get the nomination (as certainly appears that is the case now) is for all of us to push him on social media and his web site to NOT endorse or campaign with Hillary! If he stays firm, only says she is better than Trump and that is it, there is a chance to keep this movement going because everyone now knows the system is rigged. That said, look at all the voters for Hillary who know that alreay and will vote for her regardless of her being one of the corporatists! It will be a long road for sure, but so was the civil rights movement and all the other movements in our country and other countries around the world.

Write to Sanders, write to various media sites and friends to encourage them to ask Sanders to stay the course for the future of our country. If he supports Hillary in any way, that will be used to discredit the message and the messenger! A movement is not built on one person, but a movement needs one person to represent it!

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