You look at what you have, where you want to be, and the things that could possibly lead you there.
When it clicks

Exact-tamundo. But for the life of me it ain’t clicked for me yet. Like I tell myself that if I could get better organized my life would be so much better and more predictable and fun. But alas I give up when things don’t go as planned. That’s typically what drives me out of the planning business. I always just assume because I’m a free spirit that it’s just not for everybody. Like as if there’s a set of inbred skills one must already come prepackaged with in order to be a good planner. Even my own mother used to tell me, whenever I didn’t do a task well, “you half did that.” I seriously began to think that there was such a thing. Like there are people who half do stuff but I had no idea when I was younger that it existed. Anyway. Great post so far. Now let me read the rest.


Not quite sure where I stand on whether or not planning ahead is a nurture vs nature thing or am I just lazy.

All the best.

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