“No Homo!”
Prosper Your Way

I agree Prosper, that it indeed sounds more gay to actually say “no homo” in most instances. The one who says it is merely attempting like you said not to sound like an outsider. I have to admit I’ve says this before and I do agree it’s rather childish. Childish because 1. The real problem is not the person or who may be around and to whom the “no homo” person may be talking to at the moment. But the problem is the person themselves and how they view themselves. It’s a self image deal. We’re afraid that another party will perceive us in a way that we don’t want to be perceived. This in essence is the problem. Not how people feel about us but how we feel about ourselves. I’ll call that societal pressure. I’m a big fan already. Thank you for this Prosper, Your Way. I’m planning on checking back with you often.