Warning: This is a Shitty First Draft .
Kelly Smith

I’m interested to know how you’re coming with this. It would really encourage me. I completely agree. Way past time to build some self sustaining, fortified small cities. Perhaps ones that cannot be found very easily by the “folks” that like to infringe upon our rights. Safe havens wherein anyone in need can come. Especially those that already had nothing. I’m almost completely certain that folks are already starting to do it secretly. They’re just not talking about for fear of being done like that Snowden guy who tried to go off the grid and was told “that” was illegal. Huh? Anyway, were all gonna need it very soon. I’m thinking this end of year before the fall is over. Especially whenever some of this stuff that keeps occurring all over the world comes to a head. We are all gonna need some where to hide or be safe. Not trying to scare but the data is out there.