MEMFRICA CHRONICLES PART 1: Highlighting Most Known Unknowns to a wider audience.

In a previous blog entry I mentioned that I would do several meaningful posts geared toward showcasing some local Memphis, TN artists because, well, I am from the Birthplace of Rock N’ Roll and the touted Home of The Blues, although a few other folks like to claim those titles. We’re still a very bluesy, rock n’ rollish, gospelfied, Uptown Funkadelic place. As such, I had to highlight music from there. The next few will be just that. Hope I don’t lose you somewhere in the shuffle. But anyway, here goes.

First up is a powerful talent and just all around sweet-natured and kind person with a quiet spirit but with a message that is very loud and clear. She is one of those type of people, and I am sure she doesn’t mind me saying so, that if she was in a crowd of people, and she didn’t speak a word, you would miss her. And that’s to her credit because, as I said before, she has what we in the south like to call, a quiet spirit about her. She keeps to herself, but when it is time, turns up for the Kingdom of God. Let it be known that Devyn is very serious about her relationship with Jesus Christ and God Almighty. Period. Do not let the quiet nature fool you. She is just as fun loving and silly as the next person. On top of all that she is KILLA on the drums. As a matter of fact, that is what myself and many others within the music circles in Memphis know her for. But a couple of years ago, God let her out of the ‘box’ and she began her music. And that is where we will begin. When I asked she obliged to answer a few questions so that we all can get to know her. From here I’ll let her tell her own story. Thank you all for reading and please click that ♡ at the bottom of this blog post. Keep scrolling until you see it. Thanks.

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Gospel/R&B Artist, Devyn Michole:

Courtesy: Remnant Entertainment

I am from Ohio. I lived in a little city called Mansfield the majority of my life but I was born in a city just outside of Michigan called Toledo.”

I’ve been in music my whole life. I remember singing at this big event in Toledo at 3. I’ve been ‘bamming’ on stuff since I can remember. My mom bought my first drum set around 4 years old and she used to let me take my sticks to church and bang on the seats.

I’m a legit drummer, but I also mess with the keys and bass. I’m not great but I can show my producer what I want.

I’m really not sure what to call my music. I just know it’s relatable (lol). I try to make music that can reach anybody. I’m influenced by a lot, so there’s a touch of rock and roll, blues, gospel, hip hop, and one day I plan on touching country. I try to write from the stand point of the part of Ephesians 3:20 that says, “God works according to the power that works IN us.” I stay far away from what I call slot machine music. That’s music that basically uses worship and praise to get something from God. Most of what we look for outside of ourselves is actually in us. We either don’t believe it or we’re too spoiled to put in the work. I don’t want to perpetuate the idea that we’re handicapped in God, that’s totally not in His word..

I love and take pride in street ministry. If I could have a full concert in a Memphis Housing Project and see souls saved I’d be more happy with that accomplishment than going platinum.

Photo courtesy: My own, Devyn Michole, Memphian and Christian/R&B Artist/M.C., in her own words.

I’m influenced by so much including Brandy to Aretha, James Brown, Sly and the Family Stone, Joan Jett, 90’s hip hop and hymns. So much makes who I am in music. I don’t put myself in the box of genre. I don’t want to limit God.
My style and sound makes me unique. People never know what they’re gonna get. You may see me glammed up one day, in a suit, and 90’s hip hop fashion the next..

Photo Courtesy: Whoever took this picture for facebook.

What makes what I sing about unique is the topics. Although I may not be explicit or direct in the lyrics, I try to touch things that the church avoids or ignores. I have a song called Scars. It’s about triumphing over sexual assault and abuse, but it’s written in a way that anyone can vibe.

I’m a singer all day long. I wouldn’t disrespect the craft of hip hop by calling myself a rapper because I don’t put in the time and effort to be a great lyricist. I do love seeing my sisters hold it down though.

If I could tell young people anything it’d be to simply be brave. There’s so much going on in the world and it’s so easy to let the opinions of those around you dictate who you are. But, if you’re brave you can not only face the world you can see it too. Be brave in your walk with the Father. Be brave & set the standard amongst your peers. Be brave and go to school. Be it a tech school or college, be brave enough to see what’s outside of your neighborhood and city. Be brave enough to be yourself.

It’s so important because practicing your faith is what strengthens it. It’s easy to get pulled into something contrary to what you profess if your actions don’t match it. It’s not a matter practicing what you preach, but what you profess. Profession isn’t what you preach, but what you believe. It’s faith in action. It’s lifestyle. It’s character. If you’re profession is weak then your faith is too. I dare not preach or sing what I don’t profess in my daily life.

Be brave in your walk with the Father. Be brave & set the standard amongst your peers. Be brave and go to school. Be it a tech school or college, be brave enough to see what’s outside of your neighborhood and city. Be brave enough to be yourself.
— Devyn
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