What I learnt in my first 100 days of running
Pranav Balasubramanian

Pranav Mistry you’re all in my head man. Stop it. I just started back running. It’s not the doing it that’s a challenge. It’s not even the endurance because somehow that is not as much of an issue. The two things that are an obstacle that could potentially stop me are 1. My size. I’m a little guy and if you’re in the little guy (small in weight)club you’re less likely to want to because of losing weight. My other dilemma 2. Consistency. Anybody can do anything for a little while…a day, two days and with will power even three or more. But what about every week, every month, for months until whatever goal is achieved. My current motivation: I am afraid. Afraid of never ever REALLY building discipline and tried character into my life. Deathly afraid I’ll never be a consistent lover, wealth builder, reader and of course writer. So I run….run in hopes that that discipline gained shall bleed over into ALL areas of My life. Prayer, loving others, living with and on purpose and fulfilling the God given call on my life ultimately. You get it? Anyway brother. Thanks for sharing your heart.

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