Ignite the Flame of Missions

Stories and Sermons that Stir Hearts for Missions.

I started compilation of this book right after my Bible college graduation in 2011. The burden to write something on missions came after I took a missions class in college. And also I love the teacher who taught the class.

During this class, we were paired into groups, and each group was given opportunity to pick a country, do the research on the country, and do missions presentation of the country we represent. My team picked South Sudan, we did the research on South Sudan, as if we are going there for actual missions work. While, working on the project, I was picked to do the missions presentation to the whole class. I loved every part of it.

Furthermore, because of this missions presentation, I began to think of what to write about missions. Then, one day, I came across website by Joe Cornsford where he interviewed missionary around the world, asking them about their missions fields. So I sent him a message, asking if I could use his transcripts in my book, he agreed, and then I began to work on the idea.

What exactly is the book all about?

Ignite the flame of missions is a book on missions work, Soulwinning, and reaching the lost for Jesus Christ at any cost.It has three chapters, biography of past missionaries, Interview with the present missionaries

Sermons from missionaries who are in the field, and are planning to go to the field.

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