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On Friday, June 19th, Documenting the Now hosted a live streamed conversation with WITNESS, The Blackivists, Texas After Violence Project, and Project STAND. We are so thankful to the 800+ attendees and to our amazing panelists: Tracy Drake, Raquel Flores-Clemons, Erin Glasco, Stacie Williams, Skyla Hearn, Steven Booth, Gabriel Solis, Yvonne Ng, Lae’l Hughes-Watkins, and Jessica Ballard. Also much thanks to the Documenting the Now team members who helped put the event together: Alexandra Dolan-Mescal (who also designed the social media graphic), Francis Kayiwa, and Ed Summers.

Below is a recording of the conversation or you can hop on over to YouTube. …

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Two kids hanging out in California back in the day when we were able to enjoy the neighborhood.

Update 4/20/2020: NEH has released its application for emergency funding. Applications due May 11th.

Update 4/21/2020: NEH has also sent $30 Million to the 56 state humanities councils. The state councils have started offering emergency funding. Please visit the websites of the state humanities councils to find out about applying for funds. There are several application deadlines to consider.

Update 4/21/2020: NEA has opened its application process to offer emergency funding to arts organizations impacted by Covid19. See application instructions on their website.

Update 4/21/2020: IMLS has made $30 Million in emergency funding available to states through the States Libraries Administrative Agencies (SLAA). …

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Documenting the Now trainers and workshop attendees representing Don’t Shoot PDX outside of the Dismantle, Change, Build Center in Portland, Oregon on May 11th, 2019.

In December 2017, the Documenting the Now project hosted Digital Blackness in the Archive at the Ferguson Public Library in Ferguson, MO. At the symposium, local activists challenged us to consider archiving the traces of social justice protests and organizing beyond social media and the web, which is the main focus of the Documenting the Now project, and to meet activists in the communities where they lived and did their work. …


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