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Ahhh, the fall. I’ve probably already made more than three trips to Starbucks over the past two days, just so I can get my #PSL fix in. But the fall is not only the perfect season for once-a-year-flavor lattes, it’s also perfect for professional events. Folks are reenergized by the changing seasons and ready to put in some good work before the holidays.

To make the most of the marketing potential of the season, we need to not only create promos for our events, we need to design materials that will get people to go. Utilizing snazzy graphic design will…

Planning an event this fall? Consider starting backwards.

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I’ve worked as an event director for more than fifteen years. Despite the stress and fatigue that comes with the job, I still love what I do. I cherish the opportunity to create experiences that are powerful enough to change the way people see, and do, life.

Still, I love finding easier ways to do the work! The other day, I was searching for new helpful tools when it hit me: the way I go about organizing a conference is a little different from what most event planning guides propose. My personal approach is sort of…INVERTED. But because it’s worked…

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The Proud 2016 Class of Nourishing Tomorrow’s Leaders

I remember very clearly the evening that I walked into the Central New York Community Foundation for my first Nourishing Tomorrow’s Leaders (NTL) session. Actually, running into it is probably more like it, as I find myself doing a lot these days. I was there because my boss had recommended NTL. “You really should apply,” she said, cheerfully handing me the application. I felt really connected to the program’s mission: to offer a local partnership-driven solution to the alarming diversity gap in leadership boards — even in the nonprofit arena. …

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I love reading about my craft; and I know that if you’re an entrepreneur, you can relate. Reading broadens our perspective, plants new ideas, and increases our confidence in responding to new challenges in our fields.

Now in the process of launching an agency, I find myself even more thirsty for new information about my trade, and eager to share the best of what I discover with fellow entrepreneurs. To help me make good use of this momentum, I’ve set a goal of reading a new book two every 30 days and sharing the best nuggets of wisdom that I…

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Have you ever looked around the room and very quickly realized that you are “The First” or “The Only”?

As an immigrant from Central America who grew up in the nineties in Upstate New York (an area with growing diversity but lower levels of social integration), I certainly have. Like many of you who might be reading this, I’ve had to push the discomfort and uncertainty that comes along with being what Gwen, Inc. has coined, “The Unexpected Leader”: the only person of one’s age/gender/ethnicity to occupy or share a particular space.

Although my parents came to the U.S. as…

This past Friday, still in quite a bit of pain from Monday’s accident, I was able to waddle my way to the 2015 You Can’t Fail conference by Gwen Inc. I had to push through the discomfort because after this less-than-pleasant week, I knew my heart needed a little boost.

“You Can’t Fail. Because Your History Says You Can’t.”

Even though I knew it would be good for me to attend, I didn’t know how much happier doing so would make me that afternoon. …

One of my favorite posts going around on Facebook these days is the quote “Behind every powerful woman is a tribe of other powerful women who have her back.”

It’s a catchy, shareable phrase; and it’s also pretty true. Key to any female entrepreneur’s success is a strong support system that includes other women for her to look up to, learn from, take cues from and — frankly — take comfort from, too.

This past Monday, I was leaving an event when I slipped and fell pretty hard on my back. Shaken up, in pain, and a little unsure of…

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