Fuck the Good Old Days

i hate old movies.

i hate drive in movie theaters.

i hate thinking about the years before 1990.

all i think about is fucked up acts that took place out of hate for black people.

the inequality that took place for women.

i hate listening to old recordings.

i hate when people say the good old days.

all those poor people who didnt have a chance.

all the innocent people who had bombs dropped on them.

all the women who were beat for asking questions.

“where were you last night?” SLAP.

i hate seeing old cars.

i passing old white people in stores

"they totally said nigger out loud to a person once”

all the beatings and the hate.

so much hate.

how easy it was to get away with all the hate

and cops are the reason that hate was over looked

the fucked up clicks, med sitting in a small room smoking cigarettes

talking about how to “take care of it”

i hate seeing old photos of people hanging from trees

i hate seeing old cars

my love for all the strong men and women fighting for rights is still in the shadow of my hate

when were these good old days anyway?

you better say never.

poor education given to the “undesirables”

i hate old fashioned diners.

fuck the good old days.

the world knows the truth now.

i hate thinking about “the good old days”

they were never good days for many poople.

how dare you call them the good old days.

fuck the good old days.


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