The Fool and the Sky

my relationship with the sky is foolish

foolish lover i am

i am a fool

the fool

the fool loves the sky

the fool is always there to admire the sky

though the sky is always there

its never there for the fool

and the fool doesnt know.

no matter what mood the sky is in

the fool will always adore it

rain. tears.

thunder. anger.

snow. aloof.

hail. numb.

the sky has no sympathy

if the fool is sad, it rains

i love you. the fool watches

if the fool is cold, it snows

i love you. the fool watches

if the fool had no shoes

the sky would hail

and the fool would walk for miles

with bloody feet

staring in awe at the sky

the fool has no control

the fool watches the sky change

doing what it wants

ignoreing the fool

doing nothing to let the fool know

i love you just the same

yet the fool will always love the sky

but she doesn't know

the sky will never love her

just the same

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