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Many of you practice communication, public speaking, and sharing your ideas, but you are not training at it. The Art of Communication requires you to train at communicating not just practice. Practice might allow you to maintain proficiency, but training unlocks new levels of mastery. Are you willing to train at communication? Are you willing to learn the techniques, strategies, and habits of world-class communicators? If your answer is Yes,

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In a recent email, I asked How I can best serve you?

The Art of Communication was the number one request made.

I will work to send you…

All Excuses are exactly the same.

I learned that the hard way.

Basic Training

Specialist Bergan.

“Why is this PRIVATE talking to me?”

“I THOUGHT it was CLEAR that I DON’T talk to PRIVATES”

“Roger, Drill Sergeant. “

I don’t know who Roger is BUT WOW that is an appropriate comment in the military.

“Specialist Bergan, before I have the Platoon press those rifles above there heads for the next TWENTY MINUTES. I want you to remember this. ALL EXCUSES sound EXACTLY the same. I have not heard a NEW EXCUSE in 10 years of BEING A DRILL INSTRUCTOR.”

If you’ve made it through season one of the Veterans Leadership Blog Podcast.

You have heard from Thought Leaders and the Veterans community who echo my belief that:

“Veterans are the Key to Unlocking America’s next Golden Age.”

If you are in business or hiring for a busy organization

Here are 6 reasons You Should Be Talking about Veteran Leaders:

  1. Leadership: Veterans understand the practical ways to manage behaviors for results, even in the most trying circumstances. The military trains people to lead by example as well as through delegation, direction, motivation, and inspiration. …

Six Months ago I started on my journey to become a Certified Professional Speaker. #TeamGameChangers

Read about that here: Why You’re Not a Professional Speaker (And What You Can Do About It)

What I learned along the way applies to anyone looking to break into the speaking industry.

It’s all about finding the G.A.P.s and filling the G.A.P.s


Set Audacious Ambitious Attractive Goals.

My Goal when I started this journey was to become a certified professional speaker by December 31, 2017, by a speaker I admire and respect.

I knew this would require focus, taking in all…

One of the first commandments when joining my Professional Speaking training and Mastermind Group Game Changers was to stop posting to social channels without approved content.

Now for someone who served in the military the discipline of listening to others is not hard. The discipline of implementing a command to achieve and exceed the standard that is the benchmark of everyone who served in the military, so I immediately ceased fire.

By stepping back and looking at what I was posting on my social channels, I was able to identify the gaps in my personal messaging and branding. For example…

Southern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Boulder City, Nev. Airmen stationed at Nellis Air Force Base volunteered to place flags over cemetery plots as part of Memorial Day ceremonies

Memorial Day is Hard for Me

It’s a day I have to REMEMBER….

It’s a day I observe in SILENT ACTIVITY remembering that I AM STILL HERE

THIS IS A HARD STORY FOR ME TO TELL so if tears start to fall. Pray me through it.

Once upon a time in real life, one of America’s Elite took his life. He had children, He had a wife, He had some struggles as we all do BUT HE DIDN’T know WE ALL LOVED HIM and we were all here to see him through each day.

His Beret was Green his disposition……

Is Public Speaking still a major FEAR?

If you read my last blog about attending P7D Training for Professional Speakers, you would know that public speaking is not one of my fears. Hashtag Get over It.

One Week Later, I can say that attending P7D was a Game Changer.

Typically, at conferences, you network with amazing people, and you leave with a sense of empowerment that lasts a week maybe even a Month if the speaker was nothing short of amazing.

The Difference in P7D was that it went above being just interactive and transformational and showcased world-class guest speakers…

Learning to become a Professional Speaker from a Speaker I admire is my next Big Goal!

Pioneer Square #Seattle.

Working in Tech and learning to be a Professional Speaker should be nothing short of transformational.

My journey begins this weekend with training in Atlanta. There are a lot of speaker training programs out there why did I choose this one: P7D

Here is why.

One Word: Accountability

I attend Breathe University, and the level of Accountability in this Personal Development group led by Dr. …

Knowing how to train is what you should you should focus on once you have established why you are transitioning. I know you are chomping at the bit to start training, but without knowing how to train, you can invest a lot of time and energy getting prepared in the wrong way. When I attended Airborne School at Ft. Benning in Georgia, I found many of the routine drills to be extremely difficult. Even basic exercises like the flutter kick or pull ups were proving extremely difficult. After an extremely long day of training, a fellow soldier said to me…

As you are preparing to leave the military, you are bombarded with the excitement of all the possibilities that are before you. Like me many of you are going to ask yourself should I go back to School? Should I start a new career or am I leaving the military a bit prematurely? In your excitement over the plethora of choices that you have, you might miss the chance to ask yourself some of the most critical questions that you must have answers to at this moment. Questions like Why am I transitioning? What do I expect to have at…

Bernard Bergan

U.S. Army Veteran, Author/Speaker

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