The Lightning Conspiracy ⚡

First of all, the faulty behavior of the cable that is described is one that indicates there is not sufficient electric power to charge the device properly (actually, it says “not charging” but it charges, albeit very slowly).

It is then much more likely that either the cable has some physical defect that prevents it to drive enough power to charge properly or that the USB socket where it’s plugged does not deliver such power, rather than this is about Apple running some magic trick to piss you off.

Secondly, a cable that is sold by a manufacturer who “cracked” the lightning chip is in fact illegal, counterfeit. Apple has intellectual rights (patents) on lightning connector technology. So, in the very unlikely event that your theory is true that Apple implements some counter to make non-legit cables fail after a certain amount of usages, good luck to you if you want to sue Apple for that.

In other words, this article is just, well… deplorable.