And the new Director of the FBI is . . .

O boy. Joe Lieberman top candidate for FBI director. Ol’ Smilin’ Joe. Ol’ Quisling, Time-Serving, Lickspittle, Nutty-as-a-fruitcake Joe. Hmmmm. Looking for someone with sound judgment? Lieberman is consistent: Consistently against virtual violence in video games and for bombing the shit out of other nations and their peoples. Looking for someone who plays by the rules? Talk to the Democratic party of Connecticut, which he sabotaged when they failed to bow down before him. Looking for someone with integrity? Wrecked the progressive agenda that put him into power when he saw he had a better shot at selling himself as a conservative. President King Baby: Looking for someone with loyalty to the people who raised them from deserved obscurity? Maybe give Bill Clinton and Al Gore a call on this one. PS: He likes the Gays.

Yes, I know they’re considering other candidates. Two of them, already in the FBI, are pretty good options, with a proven record of integrity, so I assume they’re out of the running. (Richard McFeely may get a liiiitttle too granular about cyberattacks for 45’s comfort; and Acting Director Andrew McCabe’s wife ran for office as a Democrat, so he’s probably high on an enemies list already.) Frank Keating, ex-governor of Oklahoma, has considerable experience in the FBI and the Justice Department, and has proven capable of organizing large, broad investigations and government action. He’s also a bigot, a hothead, and a total dick, who called Oklahoma teachers “slugs,” his constituents “stupid,” and suggested that the solution to problems with his critics was “homicide,” and advanced tax cuts that harmed his economy for no real reason except to make it necessary to cut social services. So: Major chemistry there with 45, you have to admit.

But there’s an outstanding, nearly ideal candidate out there right under 45’s weirdly sniffy nose. (They say he only sniffs when he’s lying . . . so . . . whenever he breathes?) It’s someone who really knows the FBI inside and out; knows the law; understands the appropriate relations of FBI, Justice Department, and White House; who’s demonstrated time and again his careful weighing of options, his independence, his dedication, and his discretion; who has appeared before Congress many times and been praised by leaders of both parties, especially Republicans; and who finally, if he has been criticized for some of his very public actions, has also demonstrated that he can play the long game, pursuing the truth of a matter critical to our very survival as a democratic republic through the means most likely to bring forth the best evidence and result in successful resolution.

His name is James Comey. Mr President, you should see about giving him a call.

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