HiLARious. Imagine believing believing the Trump apparatus has operated within the law — so all they have to do is come clean and it’ll all blow over.
Imagine that, believing that, you get to run a major national new organ and print pathetic fantasies like this one.

The horrible thing about this is, as long as the President of the United States and his whole crew act like nouveau-riche clods — like comedy yokels who made a killing in waste management and bought their way into a country club — establishment Republicans will never recognize that they’re gangsters, thugs, and thieves. 
Because at bottom they see nothing wrong with defrauding the government for personal gain, distributing wealth upward, immiserating the condition of the poor and middle class. That’s their vision of heaven. 
They just don’t like dealing with someone so clumsy at the pretense that it all shores up a system of government by the best and brightest that benefits all, now that it’s obvious that it’s government by the worst and dumbest for the benefit of themselves alone.

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