I’d like to suggest that we are way too far along now to be dissecting impeachment strategies and staff resignation scenarios. The time for deliberation and argument is over.

The President of the United States — who has shown over and over in a mere 3 weeks in office that he is not susceptible to arguments based in constitutional law, reason, love of country, or common decency — who thinks in tweets — who is capable of looking directly at masses of protesters and seeing them as “great supporters” misreported by “fake news” — does not process complex messages.

You know very well that he will continue to send out disruptive tweets, and fire a cascade of scapegoated staff members, as long as these crude and transparent tactics seem to work to keep him in power.

He deals in only one currency: popularity. When ratings favor him, they are indisputable evidence of the people’s wisdom; when they do not, they are the desperate concoctions of his pathetic, twisted enemies.

He will sustain his fantasy that he is widely loved and admired — that only reporters care about his taxes, his ties to Russia, his refusal to divest, his spectacular management incompetence — as long as he possibly can, and far longer than any sane person possibly could.

There is only one message that will get through to him: 
We don’t want you. 
We won’t listen to you. 
We’re done with you. 
Check, please.
How do you change channels on this damn thing?

I suggest resisting the impulse to respond to 45’s tweets, to wax all kinds of eloquent, to post your heart out as if anyone in this unprecedented gang of crooks and bullies were listening — as I’ve been doing myself far too much — and to distill your fury into just one, clear, unspinnable message:
Or, if you have extra room on your sign:

It’s been great to see the diversity of powerful, rueful, sad, and hilarious messages displayed at the Women’s March, the spontaneous airport protests, and elsewhere. 
But imagine the impact of thousands of people displaying signs with the simple demand 
of millions of Americans tweeting back at 45 and his minions

I do not think you succeed in taking down a tyrant by arguing with his minions. 
No one who supports 45 now, however equivocally, does it because they just haven’t seen the evidence, or listened to the right argument, or been mindblown by a snappy slogan that put it all into perspective for them.
Or, if you like biblical quotations: “Answer not a fool according to his folly,” right?
Don’t worry about his supporters right now. Have you ever seen what happens to the gang around the high-school bully when the nerds stand up to him in an after-school special?
Don’t worry about Pence or Ryan right now. They’re rotten, but they’re not insane. We have tactics for fighting them, and we mostly win those fights.

Just make this sinkhole of despair and narcissism and madness and aggression go away. Go away forever. Disappear. Scoot. Vanish. 
Begone, before somebody drops a house on you.