The End is Nigh

This is the moral equivalent of shooting someone in the street. Do not misread this move.He’s going to keep pushing until he’s confronted and told he can’t command the obedience of the military, the intelligence services, the Congress, or civil service employees, because he’s a desperately sick man. He will not rest until he can declare every institution in this nation an enemy of the people, the better to prove that only he has a mystical bond to the people’s spirit. He believes, as he always has, that he matters more than the United States, its laws, its governing structures, its economic survival. (This might be a good time to read Shakespeare’s Coriolanus as well as Mein Kampf.)

Would you serve a commander after this proof of a total lack of commitment and integrity? He is never going to seriously study a military plan, a foreign policy or economic initiative, because he has no idea what we mean by any of this. (“Nobody thought health care would be this complicated!”) The deeper he goes, the more he will turn on everyone and everything that’s supported him. Five weeks in office, and he is already a panicked, cornered animal — and everyone knows it; some are just reluctant to admit it. Republicans: You’re going to have to depose him sooner or later; it’s just a question of how far you let him go in destroying your party and the country first. #PresidentCrazy #RESIGN

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