The Butterfly — Poem (Synopsis of a Play on Human Trafficking)

This is a poetic synopsis of the original stageplay I wrote called The Butterfly. (more info at end of poem).

Crystal’s eyes glaze over

Like cellophane to the window of her soul

Her tears cascade like raindrops

As she realizes her life is almost over

So young, she had such potential

She’d lost her child and shattered dreams remained

Is this all she could ever hope for

There’s got to be more

Another door that she can walk through

And walk out, from the pain

But he won’t let her leave

The Damon that grips her soul

Her mind tries to flee

Her body a slave to circumstance

Her mother’s daughter

Damaged and broken

Her angel wings, all but tattered

She doubts she’ll fly again

But even angels need angels

To help mend their broken wings

Crystal awaits the john she knows is not

She opens the door, steady walk

Her smile pasted on, she makes her move

She has to escape this concrete cell

And when she goes she’ll take him too

Her lover turned pimp

She felt like such a fool

But how could she have known

And what choice did she have

A victim at home, she ran

She did not know what the future would hold

She held onto faith, someone would help her

Someone would save her from this hellish prison

Where day into night her body belonged to them

The johns who’d steal a piece of her being

Would simply close the door, happy, never caring

That they were truly pedophiles, preying on a child

Who could be their daughter or niece

But tonight, tonight her servitude would end

With just the proposition of this john that was not

This john that is the undercover cop

The john who would free her from this prison if only for another

And even jail cell bars were welcoming now

The Butterfly tells the story of two teenage girls who through different circumstances, end up in child sex trafficking. This poem is about one of the two girls. Today, January 11, is Human Trafficking Awareness Day and the problem goes beyond other countries. It happens right here in the United States, often right under our noses. It is a major problem in the city I live, Atlanta. Be aware of things that look suspicious.

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