CAST Forward —From scratch to going online in 4 days.

Do your own thing! Image by Nikola Weiser

This second story of the journey through my first year is about a project which went online just 2 days ago — The website for the student founder’s program CAST Forward.

It was just an ordinary website project, implemented with Wordpress. Nothing special, but the project management and communication with the client was way different than I am used to.

CAST Forward was done in 4 days from setting up Wordpress to finally going online. I had the pleasure to work with Bettina Wenko from CAST (marketing) and Nikola Weiser (design and graphics). I think the main reason why the project went so smooth (next to the amazing team :) ) was because of using the right tools.

5 tools to get faster through your projects

  • Trello — here we managed our tasks so that nothing gets forgotten and finished by the time we go online. Just making or editing a card for a new task is better than emailing :)
  • Slack — my favorite messaging app. So easy to share screenshots, texts, links etc. Having different channels for different topics is better than emailing :)
  • Dropbox — having a shared folder for all fonts, logos, icons, images etc. is better than emailing :)
  • Quick Time screen recording — feedback is great — and I don’t want to wait until the next meeting. When sharing impressions with clients, I think it is better to have videos than simple screenshots. So they can better understand and judge what you are building. And because email is not the right tool to send videos, we used dropbox or slack to transfer data.
  • A big round table in a perfect location — thanks to JOS3PH Open Innovation Loft. Probably the most important fact for a successful project management is sitting next to each other, talking and discussing — obviously also better than emailing.
Lesson learned: I try to avoid emails as much as possible. It is slow, it is too formal, attachments are limited in size, managing the inbox is time consuming,… — the list is long

Though, it is not easy to convince clients to sign up for so many different tools — especially when working with corporates. But if you have the right people on the team everybody will quickly understand how much this is pushing the project.

Sidenote: It was not just my idea to use those tools. Credits to the team (and mehrblick) :)

Finally, here’s the link to the website — hope you enjoy. And maybe you are also interested in the program itself. I think it is great and I will participate by myself. :)

I am always open for feedback. Please get back to me in the comments or on facebook.

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I appreciate your time,