Photo Credit: Danny Lyon / Description: Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) Chairman, Bernie Sanders, at University of Chicago sit-ins in 1962.

Greetings Boomers, especially Hillary supporters

By Alan Levin

If you lived through the Sixties and were young enough (or not too old) to participate in what was going on, then I hope you recognize that what has been on life-support for all these years is back. It’s back in so many ways. On the grassroots movement front: we have Black Lives Matter, permaculture farmers,, sanctuary towns and communities. We have gay marriage, decriminalizing or legalizing marijuana and a resurgence of legal research into the benefits of psychedelic drugs. On the other side of the ledger: instead of the Vietnam War, we have endless war; instead of pollution (or along with it) we have the potential for human species extinction with climate disruption. What is really amazing though, is that we have a presidential candidate who is aware of and been a part of the struggle to address these things for his entire adult life.

I’m in agreement with those who call for an end to the negative campaigning by both Hillary and Bernie supporters. I do recognize that Hillary is a woman who has persevered through some of the most outrageous and undeserved attacks on her character and has hung in there through public humiliation to serve what she believes will be best for the country. I recognize the profound significance of having a woman president. I understand the concern that we must defeat what is the most right-wing movement in recent history to get close to the full takeover of our government. I am aware of what may happen with the Supreme Court.

I know that Hillary Clinton would continue the work of Obama to try to make headway in the face of right-wing Republican hate and intransigence. BUT, that’s not what we need now. If we half-heartedly close coal plants and continue fracking and building infrastructure for gas; if we allow manufacturing jobs to go overseas and don’t have a New Deal like jobs creation program to rebuild our infrastructure; if we don’t radically address the criminalization of Black and Latino youth; if we don’t begin to explore alternative systems to capitalism; if we continue to try to tweak Obamacare and not challenge the pharmaceutical and insurance industries and support free health-care for everyone; if we aren’t willing to completely face-off with the economic elite and deny them the right to control things, then we are headed for disaster.

This moment is our opportunity to build a holistic movement that wakes the American people to the possibilities of a just and peaceful society. This is an opportunity to show the youth of this country that a person who embodies integrity and compassion has the support of their elders and can be the President of the United States of America (POTUS).

This is an opportunity to demonstrate that idealism is practical, that people resonate and are inspired by it, and that we believe people will vote for honesty and sanity over demagoguery and religious fanaticism. The spirit of the Sixties is alive, and this time, it has feet. Those feet are Berning a path for all of us to join.

Every vote for US Sen. Bernie Sanders in the New York primary supports the whole program he represents and rebuilds our movement.

Alan Levin is Co-Founder of and Psychotherapist Meditation Teacher at Sacred River Healing in New York’s Hudson Valley