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We Are Not Dead Yet!
Apr 10, 2016 · 3 min read

By Jerry Kreitzer

As a Boomer and in support of Bernie Sanders for President, I say:

Baby Boomers have not just lived through the last 60 years we have created, loved, lost, and worked hard to move this country towards a democratic ideal to which we continually aspire.

This is no time to stop.

We were born into an historic epoch that offered us opportunities that has not been seen before in the history of this country. Unfortunately, these opportunities will not be available to our kids and grandkids if we are not bold in our actions.

When unjust wars were thrust upon us we did not just speak out, we acted.

When we became aware that our black brothers and sisters’ civil rights were being violated we spoke up and marched. This moved us a little closer to the ideals that this country was founded on; namely, equality and justice for all people.

When we understood the disparities women of this country were suffering, we spoke up and took action. We moved the dialogue of about woman rights into laws and practices giving woman the basis for demanding and protecting their rights.

When we understood the plight of our LGBTQ neighbors we worked hard to change the equation.

We have bold new challenges: global warming, terrorism and income inequality. We have a political system that is broken due to gerrymandering and big money buying our elections. We must change this system.

This is no time to turn and run; or worse, put our heads in the sand. This is no time to take the safe, sure path. Now is the time for action.

The only candidate that has shown true and consistent vision and the ideals this country has aspired too, is Bernie Sanders. Bernie has a lifetime of consistently challenging the status quo and fighting for equality in all aspects of our lives.

This revolution has to succeed. The stakes are too high, and the time is too short.

There may be a time when we must just settle for a candidate.

This is not the time.

There may be a time when we must accept the lesser of evils.

This is not the time.

There may be a time where being bold will not work.

This is not the time.

As long as there is hope we must do all in our power to get Bernie the nomination.

This is the time.

As long as we have our minds and ability, let us all say: Feel The Bern.

May this be the start of our new revolution where:

All men and women are not just created equally but treated equally.

Where all are judged by the character of their being not by the color of their skin, or the God they worship, or the person they love.

Our revolution will treat nature as a wonderful partner to be stewarded not as a material entity to be exploited. What is “unrealistic” about this? What “homework” does Bernie Sanders need to do to be a “serious candidate?” None.

What is imperative is that the National and State Democratic Party’s elite structure must realize is that our Democratic Party is a party of the people not a party that serves the 1%.

Join me in supporting Bernie Sanders for President.

Jerry Kreitzer is Co-Founder of Jerry has served over a decade in Vermont’s State Legislature while spending his career as an educator in the Green Mountain State.

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Because Bernie even makes Baby Boomers feel young, motivated, and part of this political revolution #FeelTheBern