Millennials Denounce the DCCC for Going After Progressives.

Millennials for Revolution Denounces DCCC Attacks On Progressives

As the most progressive and inclusive generation, millennials demand an end to the war the DCCC wages against progressives, and call on the DCCC to stay out of primary battles and allow the grassroots to do what the Democratic Party in the last 10 years has failed so miserably at: win elections. The Democrats have lost a thousand seats and many state legislatures, in addition to losing the Democratic base, the grassroots, the unions, and the faith of working class Americans. Enough is enough!

As millennials, we are the first generation to be worse off than previous generations. We are drowning in student loan debt. We’ve seldom known what peacetime looks like. Healthcare is unaffordable. We face a climate crisis that’s not being taken seriously by those in power. All of these problems will continue to be our reality until the Democratic Party makes the progressive solutions to these issues the rule, not the exception.

Any grassroots energy and enthusiasm which the progressive base has aroused has been completely thwarted by party institutions like the DCCC working on behalf of those who take establishment money to champion establishment causes. The DCCC — the campaign arm of the Democratic Party that claims to work to elect Democrats to the House of Representatives — is doing everything in its power to assure that change does not happen.

The DCCC has been caught red handed meddling in primary contests throughout the country, often slipping in their own hand-picked candidates to run in districts they know nothing about. Their candidates run centrist, cookie cutter campaigns that usually result in failure. Meanwhile, the DCCC continues to ignore the will of the grassroots activists and candidates that are pushing for change, often by trying to force those candidates out of the race. We’ve seen this time and time again with Jason Crow in Colorado, Christina Hartman in Pennsylvania, and Brad Ashford in Nebraska, just to name a few DCCC-anointed centrists that are standing in the way of progressive change.

The DCCC operatives lounge at their desks in Washington D.C., picking whom they want to run for office instead of listening to the grassroots organizers living in those districts. That is not true democracy! The idea that Washington insiders can walk into a district and decide who gets to represent the people living there is pure arrogance. The DCCC thinks they know better than grassroots organizers when in fact they continue to pick losers. Moreover, they deprive the people who live in those districts of their agency. Asking the DCCC to pick the best candidate in a district is like asking a man to talk about how painful giving birth is: they are wholly unqualified. As we saw with the Nebraska and Pennsylvania primaries last night, progressive candidates with ties to the community have a better shot at winning than the DCCC’s handpicked centrist choices. Today we demand that the DCCC stay neutral in Democratic primaries and let the voters decide.

By: The Millennial For Revolution Team

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