Press Release


Ryan Skolnick


Millennials for Bernie Sanders becomes Millennials for Revolution after Launch of #OurRevolution

New York, New York — August 26th, 2016 — Despite coming up short during the Democratic primaries, supporters of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders have pledged to continue the political revolution. One of the online forces that played a significant role in Sanders’ success, Millennials for Bernie Sanders, is launching a new grassroots organization called Millennials for Revolution.

“There’s a reason we as a generation supported Bernie Sanders more than Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump combined, and it wasn’t because he’s hip and trendy,” said Ryan Skolnick, Digital Grassroots Organizer for Millennials for Revolution. “Bernie understood the issues that uniquely affect us as a generation, and we are ready to rise up and fight for these issues.”

Millennials for Revolution plans to work with other grassroots organizations and utilize social media to build a diverse coalition on campuses and in communities throughout the United States for real progressive change.

“Millennials active in the movement for economic, racial, gender, and environmental justice were here before Bernie’s campaign, and we will continue fighting after Bernie’s campaign. We’re grateful for the attention he’s brought to the issues, and it’s up to us to continue onward” said Betsy Avila, Digital Organizer and Co-founder of Latinos for Bernie Sanders.

High school senior Bonnie Jin joined the Millennials for Bernie Sanders social media team in the thick of the campaign, and she’s ready to extend that fight past the ballot box. “As a young person who sees the issues directly affecting my future not being addressed by my representatives in government, it’s my — and our — responsibility to stand up and hold them accountable, and ensure they truly represent the values and issues of my generation.”

Those issues include the climate crisis, income inequality, and an intersectional approach to solving for bigotry, racism, and sexism. “Moving forward, we will have a heavy focus on social, racial, and gender justice as organizing priorities” American Idol Singer and Digital Organizer Savion Wright said in a statement.

Finally, solving the debt crisis is of paramount importance to a generation that is not economically productive under the crushing weight of student loans. “We shouldn’t have to put a mortgage on our future in order to have a chance at success on our lives” Meghan Brophy, an 18 year old college student and Organizer for Students for Bernie Sanders said, talking about the burden student debt is to young people in America.

Millennials for Bernie Sanders was instrumental in spreading the message of the Bernie 2016 campaign. As the largest voting bloc in the nation, a mobilized millennial generation is in a position to hold major influence over policy and discourse in the United States for the foreseeable future.