Statement on Facebook’s Removal of the “No Unite The Right 2”

Yesterday in the morning, Facebook deleted the “No Unite the Right 2” that we were co-hosting. We want to make it clear that this isn’t a “troll” event that we “unwittingly helped build interest in.” This is a coalition of local organizations who have been fighting against fascism and white supremacy for years.

Facebook flagged this event because it was created by Resisters, who has been identified by Facebook as a “bad actor.” However all the content, videos, logistics and graphics on the page were from Resist Here, Smash Fascism DC, Workers Against Fascism and other groups who are actually doing the work on the ground.

These are the groups that we are actively working with to make sure that Shut It Down DC is a success.

Jason Kessler and his army of alt-right nazis are gathering in the nation’s capitol on August 12th to celebrate the one year anniversary of the murder of Heather Heyer. We can’t let hate win in Washington D.C., Charlottesville, or anyone else in this country.

It’s strange that Facebook would target people organizing a response against hate, rather than the groups that are actually planning a nazi rally just steps from the White House.

They can try to shut us down but we must get even stronger because Nazis must never have a safe space anywhere in this country.

Come to Washington D.C. on the weekend of August 10th-12th. 
Unite Against Fascism.