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But that was what was so refreshing about this. It was more a “Hey this is how we do shit, it works pretty well, use these techniques if you want and let us know if you have any tips on refining it”. It was like a breath of fresh air, this will to share. A we are all in this together, so lets make the best out of it mentality. A mentality, that I at least, haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing in the design/ad agency bubble in Stavanger.

This is what I need, this is what we need. I’m sure your craft beer festival is amazing and the logo was hand drawn by midget monks in Tibet that have waited there whole fucking life to get a call from an art director in Norway. BUT I DONT FUCKING CARE. Yes, it looks nice, yes you won awards, yes it was a huge success. But all I see is how great what you made is, I want to know how to create greatness for the future (yes I know I sound a bit pretentious).

“I just want to make the pond better”

Inspire before you expire



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