Accessories : to complete your formal look

Dressing well is a part of good manners. In case of formal suits, just a well stitched bespoke suit is never enough. To get a perfect look, you’ve got to pair it up with stylish accessories.

Choose a polished Formal leather belt that matches your shoes, this enhances your look automatically without putting a lot of efforts.

Think about this, why men in power have worn ties throughout history? Nothing says sharp dressed like a carefully selected necktie. You can also go for a Bowtie, it adds to your personality and makes you look confident. It’s a sign of a complete look. Wear a pocket square along with your formal suit for a contemporary look, it does not need to match your bowtie or necktie but it should not be clashing either.

Cufflink is the formal or semi-formal alternative to wearing buttons, it looks attractive and elegant.

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