Ok, you can get flustered when someone disagrees with you and back out.
Trevor Bird

Not flustered at all. Just realize now that I am going to be doing a lot of educating now with you. I’ll use the same premise as last time.

“ As he stated in an interview upon being asked if he would want databases and special ID’s that he would not rule it out. That is absurd to even contemplate.” — *sigh* Trevor, they’re doing this already. Just on a pretty basic and antiquated tech systems. Databases are used on all of us. Haven’t you ever heard of the census bureau? Do you think they still use the dewey decimal system to store all that data? And special ID’s……..we never use any kind of ID’s with our picture on it that usually go in our wallets that the cops like for us to have on us when operating a vehicle. You’re right. Utter racism.

“ If he actually come here to our border before making assumptions and generalizations I could take his policy a bit more serious.” — Trumps been to the border several times. Mainly in Arizona, where he is owning the poll numbers.

“ Bill Gates, Phil Knight, and Carl Ichan to name a couple and I never said a candidate.” — Well, you did say you’d trust a business man who’s grown their business from $0-$8.5B waaaaaaaaaaay more than someone who did it at $1-$8.5B. So, I guess you just assumed you had a better fiscal/economics candidate with better credentials. Instead of like, you know, making an empty point.

“ Hmmm, I did not see Israel or Japan fighting with us to hunt down terrorist scum and certainly not the Saudi’s either.” — I’m not sure Israel could help us that much. Japan is basically a trade ally. And the Saudi’s are helpful in the terrorists. Given, not as much as we wished they would. But when Obama kept putting timetables on withdraws, I don’t blame them really.

“ Yeah, I never said I thought Bush and Obama should have been president either. You act as if my views are only against Trump. I thought I stated I didn’t really want any candidate to be president? I could be mistaken, but if not then Trump is not the only one who isn’t fit for office.” — So, you don’t “want any candidate to be president”? You’d just prefer randomly messaging someone you don’t know and talk about how wrong I am about having the guts to actually learn and select a candidate.

“ Do you really think he doesn’t have top notch people to run his empire? All his business’ are going to shut down and cease all operation for 4 years? Come on now, you know he’s still raking in millions on top of the Commander and Chief’s salary. He’s not a complete idiot to leave millions behind.” — Of course he will……lol……see? This is why you need to go get a little educated on these electoral processes. Most politicians that win major elections are wealthy when they get to The White House. Do you think they all just forfeit over all their assets to the government? lol

Peace out, holmes

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