Integrated Circuit Designs and Extensions

Dependability on semiconductor devices by the electronic systems is increasing day-by-day because the integration level is growing quicker than ever and it is necessary to pack more circuitry in the smallest packages. Various circuit components, which are required to complete computer systems such as, capacitors, transistors, resistors, etc, can be installed on an individual silicon die.

When a package holds individual silicon (silicon germanium for RF circuits, or gallium arsenide for microwave frequency circuits) that builds up either portion of a bigger electronic circuit or system or an entire electronic system in its own right is called an Integrated Circuit (IC). When a full electronic system is created by the IC, it is generally mentioned as a SoC (System on a Chip). Present-day communication ICs are of SoC designs.

MCM (Multichip Module) comprises more than one dies and it is an extension to the IC; we can say for example, circuits and sensors are to be accommodated in an individual package but which is not possible to be set up on an individual die. The MCM was mentioned as a hybrid circuit at the beginning, which consists of multiple ICs and inactive components on a common circuit base that are unified by conductors set up within that base. Complications related to size reduction and signal degradation can be alleviated by implementing MCM.

An extension to the IC is the multichip module (MCM), which contains multiple dies; for example, when sensors and circuits are to be housed in a single package but which cannot be fabricated on a single die. Originally referred to as a hybrid circuit, the MCM consists of two or more ICs and passive components on a common circuit base that are interconnected by conductors fabricated within that base. The MCM helps with size reduction problem and helps alleviate signal degradation.

Devices are piled vertically on system in a package (SiP), which is an extension to the MCM. Wire bonding to the substrate is usual. An extension to the SiP is the package on a package (PoP).