Become a Java Master : The Trisect Way

Trisect’s motto is : Become a Java Master. Why? Because the software industry likes Java Masters. They want to hire a Java Master. And a Java Master gets promotions and increments. A Java Master has a successful career as a software developer.

So, how can you Become a Java Master?

This article is to be read in the Indian context. According to an AMCAT study , “only 4.77 percent of those who took the test were assessed to be employable in software development jobs. Two-thirds of the tested students could not even write code that compiles”.

This is from a 2017 report. If we look at the 2012 study, the data is very similar. A story on the 2012 report screamed, SHOCKING! Over 82% Indian IT engineers unemployable. Nothing seems to have changed.

So, Trisect devised a way to teach Java to address the issue highlighted by AMCAT. This article describes Trisect’s Job Ready Java course and the methodology followed in Job Ready Java. It should be kept in mind that this is not the students getting employed in the Google(s), Microsoft(s) of the world but for those students who are seeking to start their career as a software developer but are unable to do so. Trisect’s Job Ready Java aims to make them a Java Master and put them on the path to a software job and hence career success.

Java is a high level object oriented programming language. To become a Java Master, the first step should be understand functional programming and be able to write functional programs.

Functional programming should be learnt in a step by step manner as under:

  • Simple single for loops and conditionals
  • Basic String manipulation
  • Using Array in Java
  • Functions — calling functions, passing parameters, return values
  • Nested loops and break

At this point, you would have understood the basic building blocks of functional programming.

Now, you can start to learn OOPS. OOPS needs to learnt slowly. It is a concept that takes time to sink it. So, read it up well, solve a few problems, write code. It takes time to get used to it and most students become comfortable with it before really understanding. Comfort with OOPS is the best way to learn OOPS. Also, at this point it is important to only get comfortable with the basic design of OOPS. You should not try and solve the intricate OOPS issues as it will reduce comfort and hence be a hinderance.

While you getting familiar with OOPS, keep on writing functional code. This will strengthen functional programming and make you ready for the next steps.

The next step is understanding and learning to use the Collection framework. This is best learnt by focusing on a few classes first like ArrayList, HashSet and HashTable. Use these 3 well along with Iterators and you will develop an appreciation of what Collection offers and how to use it. Once you are fairly well versed, learn the others.

At this point, you would have become a decent Java programmer. To become a Java Master, the last step is to learn basic data structures — stacks, queues and linked lists and some basic algorithms like searching and sorting. These are again an abstract concept and develop the ability to understand abstract structures and demonstrate their power while making you familiar with the most prevalent one.

Now, you have reached the first milestone of a Java Master. Having mastered it all, you can begin the lifelong journey to become a better Java Master.

This approach, is the approach we have devised at Trisect, the best institute for Java in India for its course Job Ready Java. This approach has resulted in great results for the thousands of students that we have taught. What we observed was that most courses and books start with OOPS and the student gets lost in it. Functional programming is similar to algebra. In school, when algebra is introduced it takes a while to settle down as it is a big jump over arithmetic. It is important that the student becomes comfortable with functional programming aspect of Java otherwise the confidence is dented for life.

Trisect’s motto is that every student should become a Java Master ( #JavaMaster , #TrisectJava ) . And it is possible to achieve it. Everyone can become a Java Master with the right approach, guidance, mentoring and obviously effort and perseverance of the student. This approach has led to a lot of software companies working with Trisect and in 2016 Trisect was able to conduct 127 Trisect Placement Drives.