The ONE thing that determines success

I’ve had the unique opportunity to watch over 2,000 Medicare insurance agents as they have started building their respective businesses. This has given me a perspective to see what works and what does not work, when it comes to starting in this niche of the insurance industry.

The most common denominator I’ve been able to see, repeatedly, in those that are wildly successful is that they are hungry. This fuels their internal motivation and they do not need someone to hold their hand. They are internally driven to make that next call, to help that next client, BECAUSE they are hungry to pay the bills, build the business, provide value to others — they have passion.

On the other hand, those that have dropped out and failed have one singular common theme as well. That is that they’re extremely dependent upon external motivation and have a needy, helpless mentality that tells them, in their mind, that if someone is not going to spoon-feed them every single next action step, that they cannot succeed.

These folks end up spending their energy searching for flaws in the system, flaws in the marketing, flaws in the business model, flaws in what they see in others in the industry as justification for their ultimate failure. Spending so much energy on this task, alone, leads them to keep score until they have satisfied themselves that yep, they were right, this won’t work, either. They’ve been duped, it’s a fraud, etc.

Unfortunately, this pattern has most often followed them throughout their life and this is not their first rodeo. Where Toby Robbins famously coined the phrase, “Success leaves clues”, so does failure. When an individual takes this lack of hunger and passion for finding fault into each new endeavor, only to experience the expected failure after failure, it becomes clear that this is a pattern and not an anomaly.

To such a person, unless they can change their passion to, instead of looking for flaws in a system, to a passion for finding the answers they need to push forward, they will yet continue to fail. The ultimate driver is the hunger to succeed.

Many of the successful folks have said the same thing to me over and over again. They stayed up until 2, 3am watching videos that contained just one more nugget of information that they can use to build their business. They begin before they posses a PhD in the field. They fail forward by starting to talk to folks before they consider themselves to be a full-fledged expert. They search, relentlessly, for the answers they need rather than sitting around and waiting for someone to give them those answers.

The successful people read industry publications, participate in online discussion forums to learn, then share ideas on what is working NOW. They expose themselves to videos from those that are wildly successful, listen to podcasts on the stereo while driving down the road — always in pursuit of that next idea that will solve an existing problem or open them up to a new opportunity in alignment with their business.

I would encourage anyone on the defeatist path, who finds themselves headed toward another failure because, in your mind, the system doesn’t work, you’ve been duped into another failed program, etc. to sit down, shut up with the blame and go sit in front of a mirror and ask yourself these simple questions.

  1. Has anyone else succeeded in this, particular business?
  2. Has anyone been wildly successful using these exact business methods?
  3. Why couldn’t I, if I had the hunger and passion to explore what I feel I lack, experience the same level of success, then?

“If it is to be, it is up to me”, someone once said.

Stop looking for:

EXTERNAL motivation
EXTERNAL passion
EXTERNAL solutions from others instead of your own research

Instead, I encourage you — I beg you — stop the insanity and do something different from your past experience. Break out of the old mold and realize that yes, if someone has done this successfully, there is no reason in the world (absent your hunger) that you could not do exactly the same thing.

There has never been an easier time to do this business — helping seniors.
Through technology, we can literally talk to more people in one day than we used to be able to talk to in a week from driving from house to house.

There has never been a better time to reach the senior market. It has been thoroughly documented that for the next 16+ years there will be more than 10,000 seniors entering the Medicare market each and every day. Every day.. not in each month, but daily.

This is an unprecedented time where thousands of insurance agents are retiring and leaving a void in those available to service the market.

This is the perfect storm.

But, ironically, if you’re not hungry, you will starve.

If you are hungry, and strive to stay that way, you will be wildly successful.