Why more agents are getting into Medicare

Many friends and relatives have been contacting me recently to ask more about the business I’m in. Why? For a variety of reasons including, but not limited to, their changing life circumstances where they may be seeing change ahead or no progress where they currently are.

More, though, are seeing the lifestyle that this business can afford those who have put the time in to build a residual income business by helping people, and they want more of that in their lives. This is, perhaps, the best reason because I firmly believe that if you want something bad enough to trudge through the unpleasant parts of getting there, you will absolutely have it.

In the last 30 days, my wife and I have traveled to Rome, Italy (with Mutual of Omaha’s Sales Leaders trip) and to Iceland with Aetna. We will soon be taking another trip to Vancouver, BC with yet another insurance organization and then I’ll be going on to a “mastermind” event in Alaska just before the busy season begins yet again.

Why all of the travel?

2015 was the first year that I decided to limit down the number of carriers we represented to the top brands that were the most stable, most recognizable, and had the best future prospects of stability for our clients. This change in my business led to great strides in production, as folks were far more eager to embrace a recommendation that included a carrier that they had either heard of or already done business with in their life before Medicare.

Another side effect of this business focus was the fact that I began winning company trips. Four in the last 18 months. And that’s pretty remarkable, as the 8 years prior, I had split by business between at least 8 carriers, depending on the state/region, etc. and had won zero trips.

So, this year has led to the exciting trips, and the sharing of those adventures on Facebook, etc. where friends and family have been seeing what has been going on. A part of me wishes that I had made this limited focus years ago to enjoy more trips, and perhaps more of my friends and family would have wanted to join me in the business before. But, I know that everything is about timing and the timing in my business, and perhaps for them now, is right on schedule.

I hear others online constantly warning people that entrepreneurship is not for everyone and far too many paint the picture that it is all fun, hustle, and riches. Such is the case in this business, too, and I am quick to point out that this business is all about “Get Rich Slow” instead of “Get Rich Quick”.

Does it work?

Heck yes it works, and then some. 
Unfortunately, those that fail in the business are only failing just before they’ve broken through the velocity needed for takeoff. I often use the illustration of an airplane starting from a stand-still and getting into the sky.

It gradually picks up speed, but if it does not start out at full throttle and give everything it’s got, from the beginning, it is not going to break out of the gravity hold the ground has for it.

So true about our business. It starts off slow with many “No” responses from our prospects. They’re not interested, they’re already working with someone else — whatever the case, they are not interested in working with YOU.

Then it happens, someone listens all the way through to what you’re offering.

They make the decision to work with you to answer the questions necessary to see if there is something you can do for them. Then, they submit an application and are approved. They are happy, you are happy and the belief that the business is real starts to sink in.

After 10 more cases like that, you start telling your family that this just might work, after all! The clients, too, start telling their spouses to do it, their friends to call you, their local clubs to let you speak there, etc. and the business starts it ascent.

When quitting is taken off the table, success in this business is inevitable. The only factor is the time it will take you to get there, and that is totally up to you.

For years, I had tried to help old law enforcement buddies who were contemplating a change of career, or family members going through a job loss, to come and check out what I’m doing. I now believe that the reason they did not pursue it was because it looked too much like work, hard work, and they could not see past their very next paycheck which they had thought before was secure.

Even though they’ve been proven time and again that a “job” is just about the least secure way to make a secure financial future, they again went on to pursue the next handed out opportunity they could convince someone else to give them..applying for another “job” = J.ust O.ver B.roke.

Not meaning to dismiss those performing jobs where they’re happy, sustaining their family’s lifestyle and building someone else’s empire or just keeping the cogwheel of society going (law enforcement, etc.). Without those people, all of society would fall apart.

But for the few people whose eyes are beginning to open…
For those who have all but given up on trying to convince yet another job giver into giving them a chance..
For those who have had it with building someone else’s dream or seeking the pat on the back for public service that really won’t come..

The door is always open.

Chris Westfall

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