4 Reasons to take Oregano Oil on Vacation with you.

Oregano Oil’s ability to kill germs, boost your immune system and even disinfect local drinking water, make it a must-have companion when travelling. So why not pack a bottle of Zane Hellas Oregano Oil in your carry-on next time you board a plane?

Protect yourself from food poisoning

Every year around one in six people in the US get food poisoning from the consumption foods (meat, vegetables, fruit, dairy etc) contaminated with pathogens like salmonella, E Coli and staphylococcus aureus. When on holiday, the chances of food poisoning are even higher. Oregano Oil may help treat food poisoning by killing the pathogenic bacteria that have infiltrated the gastrointestinal tract. The recommended dosage is 500mg, four times per day. Medical studies show that Oregano Oil can kill salmonella and other food borne pathogens. You can even add a few drops of Oregano Oil directly onto your food for maximum protection!

Avoid getting sick on the flight

Do you find you start to come down with a cold almost every time you fly? Greek Oregano Oil steam-distilled from mountain-grown oregano plants into an essential oil, yields exceedingly high levels of active ingredient carvacrol. With its antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, carvacrol has the power to directly inhibit the germs that cause respiratory issues, colds, and flu. Oregano Oil also boosts your immune system which in turn helps your body fight off airborne germs on the plane. If problems persist, please consult your doctor.

Take the sting out of insect bites

Oregano oil has significant anti-histamine properties which means it may lessen the itching and inflammation of mosquito bites, as well as helping treat hay-fever and other allergies. In addition, Oregano Oil’s a powerful anti-inflammatory pain-killer, capable of soothing the pain and swelling of insect bites. A published article in “Phytotherapy Research” stated that Oil of Oregano is as effective as morphine when used as a pain killer. This is thanks to the Oil’s ability to deeply penetrate the skin down to the synovial fluid in the joints.

Ward off parasites

Picked up a parasite while on holiday? Parasites range from tiny, one-celled organisms (protozoa) through to big worms that are easily visible to the naked eye. Oregano can kill certain parasites — medical studies have shown that it can eliminate parasites like Blastocystis hominis, Entamoeba hartmanni and Endolimax nanafrom the human body.