Having a Crappy Day? It’s Still Yours…Reclaim It!!

You have to fight through some bad days to get to the best days of your life. Okay, okay…I know I quote Eckhart Tolle all the time, but it’s SO true “It’s not the situation that’s bad it’s our thoughts about it.” That being said we’re human and we’re going to have bad days. We’re going to wake up on the wrong side of the bed, we’re going to fail, we’re going to have set backs and we’re going to go on and triumph!!! Because that’s all they are — set backs and bad days. Feelings are fluid and they will come and then go. It’s okay to have them, just remember you will not be stuck in a bad day for the rest of your life. If you’re having a crappy day it’s still yours…reclaim it!

You can always try doing something you love when you’re feeling blue. Read a book, take your dog to the beach, hit the gym, go for a bike ride or reach out to a friend who’s always great at cheering you up. Pick yourself up and redirect your attention because there’s probably nothing you can do to fix your situation in this exact moment.

One thing I like to do if I can’t get something off my mind is to tell myself “I can’t do anything about this right now, so I’m going to focus on something more positive!” I know it’s easier said than done, but think about it honestly…what problem do you have in this exact moment? I’m not talking about all the obstacles you’re dealing with in your life situation overall, but right now. Are you fed? Do you have a bed and people who love you? Sometimes I have to really dig and just be grateful for the ability to flip a switch and have light…but hey, whatever works!

Crappy feelings suck, but how would you know happiness and love without them?

Take a moment to remember how far you’ve come. You’ve already survived 100% of your worst days! Not a bad track record?!

Failures and bad days are room for growth. If you can take this time to reflect on being the best version of yourself in any situation you’ll be better able to help someone else in the future. Every experience we go through offers us an opportunity to help someone else walk through a similar situation later in life.

I know it’s easy to want whatever you’re going through to be over. To just be done and out of the tunnel, but it doesn’t work that way. Besides, that’s not where growth comes from. Growth comes from going through the tough times. It comes from taking each experience life brings and asking yourself “how can I become a better person from this?” or “what can I take from this that will help someone else”…growth comes from owning the situation!

I read this great quote the other day — “You don’t drown from falling in the water, you drown from staying there!”

Everything you’re going through is preparing you for what you asked for and the most amazing times in my life came from some of the darkest. Feel blessed, be present and don’t let $h!t get you down! Chances are the people or situations that are getting you down aren’t worth ruining a day you won’t get back…

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