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Bestiary NFT

Bestiary NFT aims to push the Artist MoDathan into an international carrier and bring his illustration into a video game and an anime.

The money raised during the sales of the Bestiary NFTs, will help to finance the Artist carrier, finance the video game integration, the merch creation, the 3D creation, the OAV production and the Marketing.

Artist MoDathan

ARTIST STORY. My story is relatively simple, I am an illustrator from Colombia, I come from a home without much incomes and at the age of 7 I had already decided that I would like to dedicate myself to drawing.
Curiously at home they told me that if I decided to be an artist I would starve to death under a bridge, now I tell them they lied to me, I don’t starve under a bridge and after all being an artist requires a lot of work and is sometimes exhausting but it’s worth it!

Going back to the story, I graduated from high school and started studying software development, I was good at it but in most classes ended up drawing in my notebook.
I ended up leaving my studies and struggling to publish a story in a Mexican magazine called Doon, then I started studying graphic communication.
When I was about to graduate I decided to create my gallery as an illustrator under the name of MoDathan, that helped me to get a university scholarship to study visual communication.
I was working for the university giving image and branding advice to students who decided to become entrepreneurs.
When I was about to graduate again, I won the Haruhiko Mikimoto award given by the MCPO in the category of illustration.

By then and on the advice of a friend, I was already creating illustrations on commission.
Months after the pandemic began, my parents were hospitalized, my brothers were not having a good time either, and I did not have a formal job.
I began to apply everything I learned working for the university, the truth is that I am not good at getting a lot of followers, but I am good at making the few that I already have buy my services as an illustrator

Bestiary NFT story

BESTIARY NFT collection story:
After a great cataclysm humanity has gradually disappeared, then mythological beings, spectres and monsters have taken control of the world and created a society. And now it is humans who are considered a myth, the little that is still known about them is that they are weak and ambitious.

The story would take place in a kind of academy where different monsters prepare to be elite guardians for the world, and the director of the academy has a human under his care, however he is not a student at first, he is a gardener.

After some suffering from the bully of the students one day he decides to strike back, here it is revealed that the few remaining humans have been trained as monster hunters for generations.

Among the many hunting tools and gadgets that humans use, one of the most important is the bestiary, since here the strengths and weaknesses of each monster are revealed.

Bestiary NFT collection by MoDathan

NFT collection in numbers:
4,860 NFTs, 80 Ultra-Rare, 720 Rare, 1,840 Legendary, 2,220 Common

Bestiary NFT roadmap


- As soon as the collection is sold out: —MoDathan will enroll a master’s degree in illustration at the School of Arts and Letters in Bogota ~$6112USD

- Within the 4,860 NFTs there are 80 Ultra-Rare NFT Holders, they will all receive a 3D animated version of their NFT along with a Looking Glass Portrait

- The Bestiary NFT is not only a project but also an Artist NFT collection by “MoDathan” thus aim to open a MetaVerse gallery in one of the existing platforms on Algorand or up-coming ones.

- Thanks to the DAO utility of the NFT collection, all NFT holders will vote to allocate a % of the sales to a Foundation Charity of their choice.

- The video game Developer Blue Mammoth Games, Ubisoft, will be solicited to integrate one of the Bestiary NFTs’ into the video game Brawlhalla (NFT holders vote for the character to integrate)

- Produce an animated video series, bringing all Bestiary characters to life

The goal is for all NFT holders to become co-producers of the animate and royalties from the gross incomes.

- Animated serie storyline to be decided by MoDathan, then the pre-production will start with professional Art Director, Animate producer, animate editor, animate script writer etc…

- The Artist MoDathan represented by his NFT Artist Agent, will be propelled into international Art exhibitions to increase his popularity and demands, he will become an international recognized Artist, bringing added value to all the Bestiary NFTs holders

- Merch and Accessories following the diffusion of the Animated serie, will be created but voted by the Bestiary NFT holders. Dividends for all Bestiary NFT holders.

- The 2nd MoDathan NFT collection will be the Bestiary Accessories, each characters is equipped with special arming.

Dividends for all Bestiary NFT holders.

- Merch and Accessories following the diffusion of the Animated serie, will be created but voted by the Bestiary NFT holders. Dividends for all Bestiary NFT holders.

- 2nd MoDathan NFT collection will be all Bestiary characters arming. Compatible 3D and with the Looking Glass Portrait and new exclusive characters.

- 3rd MoDathan NFT collection will be new Bestiary 2D & 3D characters, also compatible with the Looking Glass Portrait




48% Project roadmap

10% Charity “The Ocean Cleanup

Pricing & blockchain

The Bestiary NFT collection is deployed on the Algorand Blockchain (ȺLGO)

PUBLIC 25Ⱥ (1st character GHOST)


300 VIP (FREE NFT) — 300 First member to join the discord and invite 3 persons will get a Free NFT from the 1st released character “GHOST”


TOP #10 LEADERBOARD (FREE NFT) in the current all following releases *ends 31st of August 2022



Twtter: @modathan

IG: @modathanart

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Bestiary Roadmap:





Bestiary is an #Ⱥlgo NFT collection Artist @MoDathan 7,880 NFTs, 20 characters of 394 NFTs each. Ghost, Banshee, Catrina, Mushussu, Slime and more…