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Bestiary Story

Few books have been born with such a noble purpose and succumbed to the curses of anger and of a broken heart.

The bestiary began as the diary of the scholar Abraham Alhazred, his studies in botany and zoology were praised by experts around the world, but the true light of his eyes was his daughter, the little Mina, but her life was short because the cataclysm came on her twelfth birthday, like many others the influence of the underwater sleeper weakened her body, but it would be the appearance of one of the new beings that ended her life, right in front of her father’s eyes.

Abraham, full of anger swore to destroy the monsters, as he began to call them, then began to gather the remnants of humanity, hid in the shadows and founded the order of the hunters and in his diary began to write the details that allow the effective destruction of each and every one of the new beings.

With the death of Abraham the diary became a cursed object that collects by itself any new information of any being that crosses its path, besides having the ability to consume other volumes of archaic knowledge, such as the necronomicon or the book of the dead, but the power of the book not only lies in knowledge, it also imbues its owner with the fury and hatred of Abraham and allows access to the most cruel and ruthless hunting techniques created by the order.

Naturally, over the centuries the bestiary was passed down from generation to generation among the members of the order and its owner would be none other than the king of the hunters, the strongest and cruelest member of the order in each generation.

Jack O Lantern Little is remembered of the days before the eternal twilight, but something can be confirmed without a doubt, Jack was already a swindler, after all when he brings up his humanity, he boasts of being the best information broker in the world, thanks to his extremely well-paid service to the Nameless Cult, he managed to get in touch with all kinds of dark grimoires.

When the disaster began, Jack was on the verge of his end, but using macabre spells he managed to cheat death but unfortunately cursed himself and ended up mutating in the immortal pumpkin head specter that he is today.

Since the first conflicts between humans and creatures, Jack began to make deals with both sides to keep himself and his businesses safe, and after centuries of trickery, tricks and treats his knowledge and connections have made him extremely dangerous, but his nature pushes him to always served the highest bidder.


4,860 NFTs

20 characters

243 NFTs each

80 Legendary each

720 Ultra-Rare each

1,840 Rare each

2,220 Common each

10% Charity “The Ocean Cleanup

48% Project Roadmap




𝗟𝗲𝗮𝗿𝗻 𝗠𝗼𝗿𝗲 𝗔𝗯𝗼𝘂𝘁






Bestiary is an #Ⱥlgo NFT collection Artist @MoDathan 7,880 NFTs, 20 characters of 394 NFTs each. Ghost, Banshee, Catrina, Mushussu, Slime and more…