Sitting at my computer listening to “ Christmas Shoes” and thinking.. Growing up, Christmas was always such a magical time for me, the gifts, the love of a family, family visiting for the Holidays… It really was the most wonderful time of the year… as I get older.. yes it still is so wonderful. But its the giving that is most important now. I have 5 little munchkins that now think Christmas is so magical. Seeing their faces as they open gifts is always so fun. Thinking over all that made me stop and think, there are kids out there who don’t have families, a house, who don’t get presents. who’s parent might be sick. Or even they might have a sickness. In this song…. this little boy went out of HIS way to buy his Mom a present, so he could make her smile, he took all he had, he didn’t get the world’s best present that year for Christmas, he lost the most precious thing he had.. And all he could think about during the whole process was the fact that his Mom really wanted these shoes. When I was his age I wasn’t that selfless… at the age I am right now, I’m still not that selfless… It really makes you stop for a minute and think. This Christmas season I keep in mind all the people who have lost something dear to them, all the people who have nothing…. all the people who have nothing to give, or get… all the people going through hard times, whether they be big or little.They still matter.. But most of all, I pray that everyone, myself including.. Can be a little more selfless this year so that everyone has a very Merry Christmas. #christmas #love#showtheloveofjesus

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