The Technologies Behind The BetInReal Casino

Nobody can deny that innovations and new technologies drive today’s businesses forward. The gambling sector is not an exception as well. Players are looking for vendors who are able to provide high quality content and ensure transparency and fairness from the first steps in land-based casinos or from the first clicks in online gambling sites.

Vendors who test new ideas and concepts regularly and implement innovations are more likely to attract bigger audiences, and receive their appreciation.

BetInReal casino is based on innovative solutions

The reasons mentioned above determined the creation of the BetInReal casino. The team behind BetInReal has a significant background in the gambling field and working with the newest technologies. They decided to merge them and make a casino that has never been made before. The main goal was to find and implement reliable technologies and combine the nostalgic atmosphere of a real casino with the convenience and security attributed to online casinos.

The BetInReal team has spent nearly a year searching for the best technological solutions. Finally they found trustworthy partners and developers who helped them create the final product. The BetInReal team came up with a solution which has united online gambling with instant cryptocurrency transactions, blockchain technology, BetChannels solutions and immersive virtual and augmented realities.

Blockchain and BetChannels technologies

Firstly we have to mention blockchain technology, which is a core part of the whole solution. As it is resistant to modification of the data, blockchain enabled the BetInReal casino to be fair, transparent and accountable. The technology acts as a third party between BetInReal and it’s players. It ensures that both parties are protected from cheating or other suspicious activities.

“Additionally, all key platform financial transactions are executed through decentralized smart contracts using BIR tokens. It decreases BetInReal’s reliance on external payment processors and service providers. For example when a game session begins, the player and the house lock a certain amount of BIR tokens in the Game Smart Contract. The Contract performs the role of a temporary escrow — holds the funds of both parties for the game period. BIR token locking in the contract, also enables the use of BetChannels — all gameplay interactions between the player and the house are done directly, with the help of peer-to-peer communication. This off-chain solution will make transaction within the BetInReal platform nearly free and virtually instant.” Whitepaper, BetInReal

To prove the fair gameplay BetInReal uses RNG (random number generator). It is an algorithm which is responsible of a series of instructions for generating numbers. This feature enables smart contract to perform as independent result auditor and escrow holder, provides transparency and trust of the house.

Augmented and virtual realities

Some people are still mixing up virtual reality and augmented reality definitions. In virtual reality, with the help of additional equipment, people see a fully digital environment, while augmented reality is only additional 3D digital layers on a real environment. As both environments are fully immersive and provide the whole experience for casino game players, the BetInReal team decided to take the advantages of both VR and AR.

In 2018 BetInReal released a MVP based on augmented reality. The app is available on Google Play and App Store’s. It combines 3 games: european blackjack, slots and european roulette. After downloading the app, player has to scan the floor to build the whole casino or a seperate game table. In a few seconds they can greet the virtual croupier and enjoy fully responsive gameplay. At this current moment the app is for showcase purpose only, but the team is working to bring the full gambling experience by adding an e-wallet solution in the near future.

While augmented reality is a mix of both real and virtual realities, virtual reality is fully digitalised. Once the player puts on a virtual reality headset it is like they land on another planet. In BetInReal’s case, it will be a luxury casino environment, full of game tables, slot machines and life like, virtual croupiers. A virtual casino is supposed to be as realistic and immersive as a real, land-based casino.

BetInReal — ambitious gambling solutions

With the full arsenal of new technologies brought to the gambling industry, BetInReal is looking forward to providing a whole new experience. From fairness and transparency, to instant transactions and modified realities, BetInReal is going to unite them all and find a place among the strongest gambling companies in the world.

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BetInReal app is available on Google Play and App Store.