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Many screenwriters identify as introverts and enjoy the initial phase of solitude while they flesh out this new idea, this new world, on paper. But bringing a script to the screen, whether it’s film or television, flips to the other extreme where playing well with others is essential.

As a ghostwriter, I have had many experiences with taking input from clients as I tried to craft their story in ways that served their goals and desires. I’ve had experiences where I’ve spent hours researching and drafting a complicated section of a client’s novel or…

Introducing the first of many new blog entries and insights from a gifted and exhilarating author, screenplay writer, and businesswoman who is changing the (industry) game. #staywoke

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Karyn Folan, Founder of Rock Creek Content (Washington, D.C.)

Five Things Every Screenwriter Should Know Before Becoming a Filmmaker

By Karen Langhorne Folan

About a year ago, I got woke.

Not woke in the sense of the prevailing social consciousness — though, as an African American woman, my awakening plays its own role in the larger social political narrative. But in this case, I’m talking about film and the realization that I was wasting my time submitting my screenplay The Revisionist to pitch fests and contests. I was hoping that somebody would…

By Patricia Wilson-Smith, Contributor, Author, lecturer, political activist, and President & CEO of Safe2Meet.com

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Patricia Wilson-Smith, CEO, Safe2Meet.com

I’m fully aware that it won’t be popular to give my article a title that refers to the brutal murder of an innocent elderly grandfather in Cleveland by Steve Stephens as a ‘tragedy’, but there’s no other way to look at it. Looking at the situation in the context of the tragedy it is makes it easier to see why the media’s feverish reporting of Facebook’s role in all this simply misses the point.

The media’s current fixation with “what Facebook did or didn’t do”, puts…


A Jersey native & honorary island gyal who writes about cool people YNTK, entrepreneurs and small biz success…#TheKnower…@PRChikNumeroUno…www.jcolterpr.rocks.

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