At the beginning of the year we like to look forward and share the startups we have big hopes for the coming year. We’ve gone through the 1,500+ startups we featured last year, picked our top 10, and asked about their plans for 2016.

Drumroll please! Here are our Startups of 2016:


A real-time, spreadsheet database hybrid

Airtable was featured on BetaList on January 28th, 2015
Howie Liu: The product is organically growing with usage ranging from individuals to teams in nearly every industry. Since our BetaList featuring, we’ve continued to release enhancements to improve our product — including an API, embeddable Airtable Bases, and dozens of other features. We also raised a Series A funding round, bringing our total amount raised to $10.6M.
In 2016, we look forward to continuing to expand and improve our product’s capabilities, and continuing to grow our user base.

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The easiest way to find the best movies on Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, and HBO

Leanflix was featured on BetaList on April 17th, 2015
Zack Kanter: Things are going really well for Leanflix, we currently have over 10,000 users. Our future plans we are keeping under wraps for now ;), but you can anticipate an expansion into another vertical.

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The Pitch

Podcast where founders pitch their startups to investors

The Pitch was featured on BetaList on June 2nd, 2015
Josh Muccio: We plan to launch a course and coaching program on how to pitch your startup. We’ll also be changing the format of the show. Instead of recording the investor panel separate from the founder’s pitch, the founder pitch will happen live with the investors! This should add a higher stakes element to the show and it’s something we’ve been working on since day one.

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The Netflix for magazines

Readbug was featured on BetaList on March 26th, 2015
James Wilkinson: We’re sports fans at Readbug, so comparing 2015 to a game of two halfs is quite fitting. The first half of the year was all about product development, bringing publishers onboard and ultimately turning the idea that raised us £275k of funding into a reality.
The half time whistle went on the 5th May (our CEO & Founder Matt’s birthday) when Readbug launched. Armed with 35 publishers, it spectacularly crashed under the volume of traffic trying to access the service. A good problem to have but no one forgets that team talk. Rising from the dug out with a new plan of attack, we kicked off a tactical marketing campaign, listened to our customers feedback and began innovating the service with our publishers and subscribers’ needs in mind.
2016 is all about building on 2015’s success and growing our subscription base. Readbug 2.0 now leads the way and, with 64 publishers onboard, we continue to deliver our objective of ensuring more people gain access to great journalism, any time, any place.

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Messaging for customer success

Klets was featured on BetaList on March 13th, 2015
Joshua Schoenaker: Things are going great for Klets. After being featured on BetaList and with help of the community we refined our proposition and launched publicly. Since then we’ve been growing at a fast rate and especially retention has been really good for us. With proven problem/solution fit and traction in a great market, we’ve managed to raise a seed funding round and expand our team.
In 2016 we’re focused on making the lives of our awesome customers even better by building features to achieve customer success; these include third-party integrations, advanced team functionality, as well options to pro-actively reach out to customers.

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3D video streaming for everyone

Altexo was featured on BetaList on December 3rd, 2015
Sergey Grigorev: Since we were featured on BetaList we received some feedback that helped us to correct our plans, gave us new use-cases and motivated us to continue working. Now we have subscribers and early users. During the last month we focused on development of our product, thanks to BetaList we got an understanding that users wait for a working version.
Talking about plans for the new year — we had some success in real-time 3D video streaming technology and plan to release public beta version of 3D video chat web-based application.

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Reinventing the afterlife through artificial intelligence

Humai was featured on BetaList on November 29th, 2015
Josh Bocanegra: We’ve added over 500 ambassadors to our Humai Ambassador program and we’ve received hundreds of applications from researchers, scientists and scholars looking to help Humai achieve our mission. Our plans for 2016 is to establish our advisory board and construct the most effective strategy for our ambassador program within the first couple months of the new year. Then, we’ll begin research and development on the Humai bionic body. One of our researchers already has a patent-pending technology for a full-body prosthetic controlled by a brain computer interface (BCI).

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While we weren’t able to get a response from the following startups just yet we’re looking forward seeing them evolve over the coming year as well as they’ve done particularly well on BetaList.


Make sure your office always gets what it needs

Hivy was featured on BetaList on September 2nd, 2015
Hivy is a suite of tools to manage everything you need in your office. Make it easier for employees to order office supplies, book rooms and schedule vacation days, all with Hivy.

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Post on Instagram from your computer

Grum was featured on BetaList on December 9th, 2015
Grum is the missing tool for scheduling and using multiple accounts on Instagram. Upload photos directly from your computer to your Instagram account without needing your phone, schedule Instagram posts by creating a calendar to publish on the required day and time to get more followers, and manage multiple accounts and post on any account at the same time.

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Design communication synced with Slack

Relay was featured on BetaList on August 5th, 2015
Relay aims to connect your design tools with your creative process and team. Capture and share your work in progress. Discuss designs with your team on their turf, in Slack.

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That concludes our Startups of 2016. In the past years we’ve seen startups in our selection do very well, including million dollar financing and acquisitions by companies such as Apple. We’re looking forward seeing what’s in store for 2016!

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