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The addictive file manager

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fman was featured on BetaList on November 13th, 2016
fman is a modern file manager for Mac, Windows and Linux. You’ve never worked with files that quickly before. It’s beautiful, fast and extensible to fit your needs without getting in your way.

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An assistant for personal finances

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Clerkie was featured on BetaList on November 6th, 2016
Clerkie wants to be your trusted assistant for personal finances. The app is simple to use and takes a holistic approach to personal finance. It provides tools for budgeting, gives recommendations based on your spending habits, pays bills, surfaces recurring charges, and alerts you when you get hit with a fee or go over budget. We’re the first personal finance app to provide chat functionality without limiting you to overly simplistic messages.
We sincerely believe that everyone deserves sound financial advice. Current solutions lack the functionality and insight to provide useful, actionable recommendations. Clerkie aims to solve this and makes personal finance a breeze.

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A project overview app for teams

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Roadmap was featured on BetaList on November 7th, 2016
Roadmap helps you plan your projects by breaking them down into smaller pieces displayed on a beautiful timeline. See how long your project is running for, who’s working on what and when upcoming milestones and deliverables are due. Plan ahead by toggling over to the Team view to see all your employee’s work pipeline. Roadmap gives you a high level overview of everything that is going on with your projects.

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A credit card and companion app designed to improve your credit score

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Lemon was featured on BetaList on November 12th, 2016
Lemon is a FitBit for your credit. It’s a credit card and companion app designed specifically to teach responsible use of credit and help raise your credit score. It includes features such as locking the card to 30% of your credit limit (a factor that makes up 1/3rd of your score) and brings transparency to how it all works. Clearly shown are your APR, amount of interest paid, statement date, reporting date, and bite-sized financial lessons.

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Your AI friend that you teach and grow through conversation

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Replika was featured on BetaList on November 10th, 2016
Replika is a personal bot that you raise through a text conversation. You talk to it and it learns to talk like you and mimic your personality. Your replika keeps your memories, makes you more connected with your friends and yourself and does things for you.

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Holographic camera, shoot photos born to be alive 🔥

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Pops was featured on BetaList on November 11th, 2016
Pops is a holographic camera to shoot a new kind of photos. Photos that move in your hand. Photos born to be alive 🔥
It’s the very beginning of the journey. So enjoy the ride & be honest. Cheers ❤

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Saturate UI

The most powerful webapp UI Framework for developers

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Saturate UI was featured on BetaList on November 22nd, 2016
Saturate UIhelps you build your next web application faster and with a better user experience than your potential competitors by combining all of the UI elements that we’ve built over years as a web application and product design studio — the result of thousands of hours of work and thousands of git commits. We’ve included over 100 pages, a 37 page website frontend and 20 app interface templates.

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Kanban boards & social media publishing for marketing teams

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Corro was featured on BetaList on November 14th, 2016
Corro offers a platform for organizing marketing activities, creating social media content and publishing it. This is done by utilizing the flexibility of kanban boards and adding marketing features on top, to give the users full control of how they want to manage their marketing activities and allowing them to work and publish from one unified platform.
The goal of Corro is to one day fully support the whole marketing team, and all their activities.

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Your daily project manager

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Beat was featured on BetaList on November 20th, 2016
Beat is a step-by-step project manager. No endless task lists. Focus on the main goals, discuss them with your team and get things done.

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Embrace Clarity

Designed for humans and powered by an AI OS

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Embrace Clarity was featured on BetaList on November 12th, 2016
Embrace Clarity C1 is the first communication device designed for humans and powered by an AI OS. A system designed for conversations and architected for the apps of the future — less UI more intelligence. C1 thinks about the future. People can modify their device to best suit their needs and lifestyles.

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