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European Leagues — Basics

Do you usually make predictions in the European Leagues? We knew it!

Since we don’t want you to miss anything and we want to boost your chances of winning the monthly prizes on Betarena, we’ve gathered some useful information regarding each of the main European leagues.


It’s a League known for attracting Bettors from all over the world, since it’s “easy” to find valuable bets in.

Main teams:

  • Chelsea FC;
  • Manchester United;
  • Manchester City;
  • Liverpool;
  • Arsenal FC.


Considered by many football gurus as the best European League for its football of excellent tactical quality.

Main teams:

  • Bayern Munich;
  • Borussia Dortmund;
  • Bayer Leverkussen.


It is said that it’s one of the Leagues in the world that offers better quality football and, nowadays, has some of the best players in the market. Thus, it’s a good opportunity to bet in the Goalscorer market.

Main teams:

  • FC Barcelona;
  • Real Madrid;
  • Atlético de Madrid.


It’s the Portuguese official League. It usually has some attractive Odds, and for that reason, it often interests bettors.

Main Teams:

  • SL Benfica;
  • Sporting CP;
  • FC Porto.

#Serie A

One of the oldest Leagues in Europe, having been criticized for its overly aggressive football.

Main teams:

  • Juventus;
  • Milan;
  • Roma.

#Ligue 1

It has clubs from France and Monaco, and it’s somewhat undervalued in comparison with the previous leagues. Nevertheless, in this League, the common objective is to turn ball possession into goals, so the focus of the players is very evident.

Main teams:

  • PSG;
  • Marseille;
  • Lyon.

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