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Market Strategy “Both to Score”

With all these markets at our disposal to bet on football, it’s very common to see a lot of people lost, without knowing how and where to apply their money. Each market deserves some study, but it’s undeniable that it takes time and dedication.

However, it’s possible if you become a specialist in certain markets and make your income betting only on them. In order to do so, one has to adapt to the preferred markets and refine its moves, match after match.

One of the most attractive markets is “Both to Score”. We quickly realize that in this market we have a 50% chance of hitting our prediction, since the answer to this market it’s a simple “yes” or “no”. Thus, the first thing to do is to really study if the championship with which you have more contact is suitable for this kind of bet. Besides, the odds for this type of market are usually above 1.5, which is a good bet. It might not be the highest, but there’s a better probability of getting it right.

Taking the Brazilian championship for example, the “Brasileirão”, we can see that, because its teams are always changing — which causes some problems, especially in the defensive part — and due to their offensive momentum, the “Both to Score” can be highly advantageous. This year, for instance, the goal average is close to 2.5 per match and has been increasing in recent years, after it dropped in 2012. This can mean that the teams are more offensive now and, in a championship decided by points, each goal can be worth a title, a spot in international competitions or even escaping relegation.

From there on, you only need to know the percentage of matches that ended with goals for both teams. After that, one must study each game and analyze several aspects. What is the tactical formation of the teams? Do they score a lot of goals when they play at their own stadium? Do they defend poorly when they are visitors? Do they have a striker or is it the team as a whole that scores goals? Which players are suspended or injured and are they important? All these aspects, among others, should be taken in consideration for your analysis when you are going to bet on the “Both to Score” market.

Certainly, with proper study and attention, this can be a highly lucrative market for you.

Both to Score is available on Betarena, enjoy your predictions!

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