Join us in the arena!

Prove your worth on Betarena!

Are you getting all your predictions right on Betarena, yet your friends and followers still think it’s down to pure luck?!

It’s time to prove what you’re really worth and that there is a logical foundation in the guesses you do. See how you can explain each prediction and surprise everyone in the “arena” — today, we show you how important the Justification of Tips is.

Justification of Tips

Betarena allows you to to associate a justification to all the predictions that you make.

Select a match in the Match Table and leave your tip in the tab regarding the Predictions as you always do. Under the several available options and the guesses that you have chosen, you’ll find the option “Do you want to add a justification?”.

Accept this suggestion and associate a quick explanation of your predictions for the match. You have between 50 to 300 characters to prove that you’re right!

Then, in your personal profile, each “justified” prediction will present a new button that allows all your followers to access the explanation for your reasoning.

Advantages associated to the Justification of Tips:

• Show that you know this subject: by presenting your thoughts, you demonstrate your sports knowledge and soon you’ll be a respected tipster in Betarena. Everyone will follow you!

• Build a history of justifications: your profile will be a reference for those who are just starting and, at the same time, will help you analyze upcoming matches and to make new predictions.

What are you waiting for?

Add a justification to each prediction and share the knowledge on your Feed. You’ll be (even) more revered on Betarena!

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