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Sports Betting: Why analysis is so important?

Analysis is a key factor for being successful in your sports betting.
Here at Betarena’s blog we decided to explain why. Stay with us!

The Importance of Analysis

Frequently asked questions are: How to make the choices? What kind of analysis should be done? What to search?

The basics

You should note the following data in your reviews:

  • League positions;
  • Historical head to heads;
  • Player appearances/goals.

It is also extremely important to know some statistics:

  • Goals percentages (scored/conceded);
  • Streaks and sequences;
  • Probabilities of x amount of goals being scored;
  • Average amounts of time leading/drawing/losing much much more geekiness.

The details

The “devil is in the details” and you have to try to know more than the bookmakers.

It’s fair to say that not much of an edge can be found in top flight Elite European football because all known information is literally thrust at us. I’m talking slightly lower level here.

Finding crucial team news is a massive edge. If you can get hold of injury/suspension information in good time, and even starting lineups — it all adds to a possible edge.

Make your research and get ready to rock with your predictions on Betarena!