Amazing article.
Barbara Spectre-Kalergi

“especially those from Latin America or the MENA countries that Democrats are flooding America with in order to steal elections” Did you miss the part when the Democrats lost the house, senate, and presidency?

“Because child marriage/abuse/trafficking is also an important part of the Mestizo, African, and MENA cultures” oh I get it, you’re just a racist idiot, but I’ll play anyway. Hey dumbass, your pizza gate theory is supposedly a gang of white washington elites involved — Hillary Clinton, Podesta, the guy who owns the pizza joint — these people are WHITE. So what is it, only evil black people and latinos are pedophiles, or is it white people, too? I don’t know why I’ve taken time out of my day to respond to idiocy, but lady you live in a fucked up headspace. I (as a demonic liberal) have never in my life heard of liberals who want to normalize pedophilia, the first time I’m hearing this is from YOU. YOU are the one who is thinking of this shit. I wasn’t thinking of pedophilia when i voted for Hillary, I was thinking of a better economy for everybody, among other things. If so many of your thoughts are clogged up with pedophilia and worrying about things that have not happened and have no indication of happening, you need to take a long hard look at your own fantasies, lady.

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