State Dept Dan Rosen’s Arrest: Cheat Sheet for Journos
Lori Handrahan

Lol @ all the pizzagaters who are using this to “prove” their conspiracy. Let’s apply critical thinking. The US govt is the largest employer in the country. Even more so if we are counting the CT state police chief as being a “US official,” as is included in this article. We’re talking millions of people. Because the govt employs humans, and some humans are pedophiles, the # of pedophiles in govt is proportionate to the # in general population. This may look like a long list, but compared to the millions of people in govt, it is not surprising. Before you say I’m condoning it or a part of it — get a life. I’m stating facts and reality. By the way, pizzagaters — where’s the mention of the pizza, the cheese, the meatballs or whatever?? Most of these guys don’t even live in DC! You think they all meet up at comet pizza??? Sad!

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