Flower Sipping

I recently learned while interviewing one of my guests, Katie Hess, on the Beth Bell Radio Show radio show about what I now call ‘flower sipping’.

I am a Flower Whisperer. I get messages from flowers when I observe or photograph them. It just happens. I started to realize my connection with flowers over 10 years ago when I bought a new camera with a lens that could take close up shots. It was then that the flowers captured me and I was mezmerized by their inner beauty.

When I paused to see their inner beauty, mother nature made a display of them with the sparkle of the rain drops, the movement of the sun or the blowing of the wind. In total I’m sure I’ve spent days observing these beautiful works of art. It’s really quite magical to sit, see and hear what they have to teach. They are 100% of the time in complete surrender. They have no expectations and they don’t judge. Can you imagine a world like this?

I wasn’t sure what was happening all those years when I found myself starring at the flowers. Then one day it hit me. They were actually speaking to me. Not in literal terms but in what I’d call drop in’s, a message, a truth, an inspiration. The words and phrases just came to me and I found myself listening. Wow, so much wisdom to share. I wanted to capture the messages, share them and embody them.

So I wrote a book about the 4 Life Lessons from Flowers called “Flower Power 4 Pure Love”. It’s ready to launch but hasn’t blossomed just yet.

When I interviewed Katie, the flower alchemist, everything started to make more logical sense as I’d been in the world of woo woo with the flowers. When she talked about their vibration and their healing power and how they communicate with the rest of nature, it just all clicked. The flower essence is the vibration from the flower that she captures in her Lotus Wei products. It’s through the different vibrations that mother nature can heal and support us.

I learned the flowers are not just visually stimulating the brain but exuding a vibration that has real impact. What made it all so clear is when she talked about how the flowers communicate with the bees. The flower emits a vibration and the bee picks it up from the hairs on its leg. How genius is that?

How to take in this sacred healing energy? Easy enough, take the flower essence products that Katie sells at Lotus Wei. However, I live in Bali and its not easy to get products shipped here. When she told me that the ancient and wise teachers sipped the dew off the pedals of the flowers in the morning, I knew exactly what to do. Start sipping flowers.

If people don’t already think I’m crazy enough starring and photographing the same lotus flower for 30 minutes while waiting for it to open, now they see me sipping the morning water off the pedals. I can only imagine the comments but I know and mother nature knows, that I’m taking in the best vibration the planet has to offer.

Now I’m the flower whisperer and sipper and proud of it!