“Who Am I?”

Beth Joy Papaleo
3 min readJan 3, 2018

It’s the ultimate question for the eons of time that we as beings have been contemplating what our consciousness truly is and from where it emanates.

By happenstance, I was recently invited to attend a breathe and movement class.

My bus stop friend said her friend Lisa plays billiards as I do to relax and wants to join a league too.

I thought how fabulous: a girl who is fearless of a male-dominated sport. She said Lisa is this amazing life coach as well.

What a bonus for me as I am going through a tough trauma period in my life and actually needed to talk to someone.

Lisa Meta Griff contacted me with a springing vibrancy.

She said to come join her “Who Am I?” Breathe + Movement class in December. Hesitatingly, I agreed to attend as I had not practiced yoga in a decade after undergoing surgeries, etc. I would feel embarrassed about not remembering how to feel or be.

And I then stopped being negative and thought positive: Lisa will help me feel and be again…that is all I hoped for from this class as my trauma was recent.

Arriving, I always try to get a vibe for the room of people waiting to go in.

There was a veritable plethora of NYC, which pleased me greatly. It’s not a class just for the rich; it’s for everyone.

Lisa and Natalie approached me to introduce themselves and welcomed me with hugs, which I truly needed.

Natalie Pierson is the yoga/integrated healer half of the dynamic duo and Lisa is the breathing/vocal affirmations.

These two are incredible to listen to, but they listen to you as well. They finish each other’s sentences quite comically by the way which shows that their friendship and character can truly enhance the experience for the class because they make you feel so comfortable.

Throughout the entire class, I felt warm and cozy with a group of strangers and as I stretched with them and chanted with them and laughed with them during vocal affirmations.

We will all have our own meaningful experience with this class I thought to myself, but one we will all remember.

We released the negative and let the positive flow through our pineal chakra. What a journey, just wow.

At the end, we gathered in a circle wrapped in our personal blankets and our candles were lit. In front of a group of lovely people who I hardly knew I told them:

“I know who I am tonight, I’m a woman who took a deep breath tonight. This is something I probably have not done since I was a child.”

That was a very deep and emotional thing for me to express. I cannot remember the last time that I felt so relaxed.

This is a class every New Yorker needs to experience.

In being kind and courageous in life, then we all must believe power is within us for positive change.

Humanity still has free will albeit sometimes serendipitously, so let’s use it now in 2018 before the A.I.’s take over!

I would love to hear my readers’s experience from this class, so feel free to comment below.

To register for the next class for January 6th and/or January 20th, please visit their website:



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