What Would It Take For You To Stay Sober?

Sober-curiosity is a “thing” now. With folk becoming more open about struggling with alcohol and liver disease levels rising, more people are trialing abstinence. Searching Twitter on the final day of Dry January, I found that people expressed their experience of sobriety in one of three ways:

Why Do People Like Getting Drunk?

It’s impossible to address sobriety without understanding why people like to get drunk. But many of the beliefs around drinking turn out to be illusory. For example, people seem to believe that if they aren’t getting drunk, they are somehow “missing out”.

The Problems of Full Sobriety

But how about just having a tipple without getting trashed? This is probably the major sticking point for most people. Complete abstinence seems too extreme regardless of the massive benefits.

Get Sober Support

On Twitter, many people who had tried sobriety said it would be easier to stick with if only their friends were sober. If your current friends are worth having, they will support your sobriety even if they drink. Try talking to them about how you feel.

Look Forward to Sober Life

Staying sober is about momentum. It’s about enjoying the present moment as much as you can and developing yourself so you can have a better future. Constantly looking back, thinking negatively, and regretting things you think you’ll miss about drinking will make sober life hard.

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